Transport of deceased


It's painful to lose a loved one. It's even harder when a person dies abroad. Unfortunately, consulates and embassies offer little help dealing with these matters and do not provide transport services for the deceased to be brought back home. 

Fortunately, we are here to help with all repatriation matters during your time of grief.  We offer help preparing and filling out all legal documents and can arrange transport to repatriate the deceased. Our aim is to make it as easy for you as possible and all you need to do is write a letter granting us power of attorney over the deceased and we will take care of everything else. 


Along with power of attorney we will also need some basic information on the person that has passed away:

Full name, date and place of birth, date and place of death (if known), coroner's phone number (if known).


After we are granted power of attorney we will contact the local police,  Embassy, High Commission, Consulate, Coroner's office, local registrar and all other institutions and will obtain all the documents required for transporting the deceased (i.e.death certificate, coroner's permission for removal of a body from the UK, free from infections certificate, etc.).