Transport of deceased


The sorrow of a loved one's death is often made harder by long distances separating families from their deceased members. Our goal is to make bereavement less burdensome by overcoming any geographical obsticles that may stand in the way of reuniting you with a lost loved one.  We specialize in transporting the deceased quickly and with dignity, with you having to participate as little as possible - we handle all the needed documentation, preparation and transportation. Our company prides itself in providing fast and safe repatriation services all over the world and our professional team is ready to help you 24/7. 

Our services include: 

Transport of Deceased


 All repatriation services are carried out with our own special vehicles that are refrigerated and equipped with special temperature control systems, coffin fastening systems and fitted with special windows and lighting in order to transport the remains of the deceased as safely as possible.

 In addition, special coffins are also used during the repatriation process:

We specialize in providing fast high quality services. Our compay has special vehicles located in several European countries in order for us to quickly reach the location of the deceased. We also have two drivers for every vehicle, making it possible to drive without stopping to sleep, this way we are able to reach any destination faster. The process of transporting a deceased person usually takes between one and three work days.

Special equipment is fitted in our vehicles in order to preserve the remains of your loved ones even during long journeys. Our transport meets all European Union and foreign requirements and regulations.

Our company works 24/7 and we are more than capable to suit your needs.